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Quick facts about erectile dysfunction that your doctor may have failed to tell you

Men with Erectile Dysfunction
Men with Erectile Dysfunction

If there is one health challenge that makes a man become less confident of himself that challenge has to be erectile dysfunction. The reason for this is certainly not farfetched owing to the fact that it is one challenge that makes a man feel less than he really is as he is faced with the constant humiliation of not being able to perform when the need arises in terms of sexual intercourse. However, having established that fact, it is very important to recognize the fact that erectile dysfunction is one anomaly that cuts across all age divide as well as colour and ethnic affiliations. Furthermore, erectile dysfunction also comes with a lot of assumptions, some of which are truly some of which are not. Today, we will look at a few of those theories with a view to either affirm or deny them as the case may be.

ED is the cause of infertility

It should be noted that ED and infertility are two entirely different issues. Impotence, on one hand, is the inability of a man to maintain an erection for a period that is long enough to engage in sexual activities, while infertility on the other hand simply talks about the inability of a man to have children produced which is usually a direct consequence of the sperm count of the man. The meaning of this is that a man may possess a sperm count of zero and still be able to engage in sexual copulation but on the other hand, a man that has issues with erectile dysfunction but has good sperm count may be unable to engage in sexual activities. In the end, it must be clearly stated that erectile dysfunction is never the cause of infertility.

Erectile dysfunction cannot be cured

This could not be any further from the truth. The first thing to do when treating erectile dysfunction is the usage of oral treatment using drugs such as Viagra and Cialis which may prove to be quite effective. What this drug does is that it causes vasodilatation all across the body of the person, which simply means that it dilates the thin blood vessels that lead to obstruction of the smooth circulation of the blood. What the drugs do is to open up the blood vessels that are in the penis and as such assist, the penis attains an erecting. However, In the event of other urological situations such as enlarged prostate as well as trouble associated urination troubles that are erectile dysfunction troubles, then such a challenge should be addressed.

Erectile dysfunction and testosterone doses

One common error which a number of experts make is to address the issue of erectile dysfunction by making use of doses of testosterone. However, before the doses of testosterone are administered, it is imperative that proper hormone analysis is carried out. In the event where the patient has adequate levels of testosterone, then having the levels raised will certainly not help out in addressing ED.

In conclusion, erectile dysfunction is certainly one issue which is more than we all have been made to believe, with time, it becomes even clearer to all.

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