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Many people have used Viagra in sex and their reports reveal that they have greatly benefited from it. Viagra can be of a great help to you when you use it as recommended. It is advised that before you start using it, you should know about it, what it does, how it works and its dosage as well. Many people fear using Viagra because they doubt whether it can help them solve their problem or not while others fear the side effects that it can cause when they begin using its medication. All drugs have side effects including Viagra. The side effects of Viagra are normally mild and can be treated easily.

Many people think that when they first take Viagra it can greatly react with their bodies but this is false because nothing happens when you first take the drug. Actually, there will be something happening in your body but you will not be able to feel anything. After taking Viagra it is then absorbed in the blood and it starts is effectiveness by blocking the PDE – 5 enzymes thus the blood flow into the penis increases. This is because Viagra only targets the penis but not other parts of the body. Viagra cannot work alone but it works together with stimulation and your brain must also be in the mood.

Not everyone can benefit from Viagra or use Viagra. This explains why you have to visit your doctor before you begin using Viagra. You must discuss with your doctor about your health history and undergo necessary tests in order to be sure that you are fit for Viagra medication. Note that Viagra should only be used by the patients who are suffering from erectile dysfunction because if just take it for granted it can cause discomfort or it can lead to others serious health conditions due to its side effects. It can also damage your penis if you overuse it.

Today women can also use Viagra. Reports reveal that Viagra can lead to noticeable sensations, it allows more blood to flow to the female genitals and increase their sex libido therefore women who have problems such as lack of sensations, vaginal dryness and lack of arousal can make use of Viagra and enjoy their sex life. Viagra has also been approved to the best drug that can cure erectile dysfunction that is psychologically based. Viagra can also be used by men with diabetes, vascular diseases, hypertension, men suffering from depression and ischemic heart disease among others.

Since Viagra is a prescription drug, it should only be used after it is prescribed by a doctor. Remember to inform your doctor about any medication that you are currently using before you begin using Viagra. This is because Viagra can react with other medicines and lower your blood pressure tremendously for example the drugs that contain nitrates or alpha blockers. Viagra should only be taken once a day unless when the dosage is adjusted by your doctor. In case of any discomfort, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Viagra 50 mg Film-coated Tablets
Viagra 50 mg Film-coated Tablets

Reasons for the uncontrolled use of Viagra

Viagra: 5 reasons why men get addicted to itp

Addiction is simply a situation whereby you can't stop engaging in a particular activity no matter how hard you try, which could be because you derive pleasure in such activity, or such activity makes you feel more comfortable. Addiction no matter how substantial is bad. Drug addiction, for instance, is a very common scenario in this century. People that are addicted to a particular drug will be unable to do anything if they refuse to use such drug. This can be very disastrous because those drugs have their own side effects which are detrimental to whoever is using it frequently.

However, we need to bear it in our mind that people don't get addicted to a particular drug for no reason. It could be because of the benefit they derive from taking such drugs which are usually the case. Viagra, for instance, is a drug known for its proficiency all around the world which explains why men get addicted to it easily.

Here are 5 reasons why men get addicted to Viagra


Viagra is a reliable drug which is why most men prefer to use it before having sex and it also solves the problem of erectile dysfunction. It works perfectly and has minimal side effects. The drug is quite dependable which explains why many men get addicted to it not long after they discover it.


Viagra is used all around the world because it works efficiently well. Once used, within minutes, you notice changes in your body which is why it is advisable to take the pill only when you're sure you will have sex else you have to do with a good for nothing erection. Drugs that are that efficient are hard to come by and that’s why men get addicted to Viagra easily.


Although there are several herbs and drugs that solve erectile dysfunction, none of them is as durable as Viagra and the direction for use is quite easy, not to mention it is a legit drug that has been tested and trusted.

Less expensive

Yes, you can solve the ‘going soft in your girl’ problem with just a token. If you’re looking for a way to solve erectile dysfunction and you’re not that financially strong, Viagra is your best bet. It is better and more effective than most of these expensive therapies that may not work or take time before it does which begs the question, who needs other options when Viagra solves my problem? The addicts are addicted to the drug because it is cheap. Imagine you have to spend all your salary to get Viagra, I’m certain you will think twice before getting addicted to it.

Easy to purchase

Undoubtedly, you can get Viagra at any pharmacy down the street. That is how readily available it is. Addiction comes as a result of its availability in almost everywhere because you can get the drug with little or no stress. Since the drug is readily available, why not just use it however and whenever I want? But we need to have it at the back of our minds that addiction is bad because it has repercussions and there’s a saying that ‘too much of everything is bad’.

Most Important Things to Know About Viagra

Viagra has been on the market since 1998 and it has since helped millions of men with erectile dysfunction. But the blue pill is not completely harmless. Above all, the potency pills sold on the Internet carry risks, since they often contain an incorrect active ingredient or are incorrectly dosed. How dangerous are potency pills like Viagra? What side effects can occur and how does it work?

Side Effects:

In healthy people and proper use of Viagra is not dangerous. However, unpleasant side effects may occur such as a headache, blurred vision and stuffy nose. In rare cases, it comes to a permanent erection. In this case, you should go to the doctor immediately to avoid permanent damage. Recently, a study in the US with 11,000 men showed that long-term use can damage hearing. Viagra users who suffer from hearing problems should therefore also go to the doctor. To avoid damage to health in general, you should take the potency pills only in the recommended amount and do not overdose.

Other reactions may include a headache, redness, heartburn, and stuffy nose.

How does Viagra work?

The active substance Sildenafil contained in Viagra is just like all modern sexual enhancement drug that is called PDE-5 inhibitor. It blocks an enzyme in the muscle tissue so that the muscles in the erectile tissue relax. This allows the arteries to expand and allow blood to flow into the penis. It comes to an erection. However, this only works with sexual arousal. Potency drugs are therefore no means against listlessness.

When does man have to take the potency pill and how long does it work?

The man should take the drug about an hour before sexual intercourse. The effect lasts from five to 36 hours, depending on the preparation. An erection gets the man but also at this time only with sexual arousal.

Is the drug prescription?

Yes, in almost all the countries, Viagra and Cialis are legal and prescription. That means you can get the potency pills only by prescription. The doctor examines before prescribing especially if the man has cardiovascular problems.

Are sexual enhancers from the internet dangerous?

That depends on where you order them. Reputable online pharmacies demand a prescription and sell real Viagra. From dubious shopping sites and offers you should better keep your hands off. It is estimated that up to 44 percent of over-the-counter Viagra tablets contain an incorrect active ingredient or the wrong dosage. So it is strongly recommended to buy the Viagra only from the authorized website or retails stores.

What happens with overdose?

Overdosing threatens a permanent erection. This is dangerous because the tissue dies and the potency can be lost. In addition, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and visual disturbances can occur. Occasionally, there were cerebral hemorrhages and even deaths.

For whom can Viagra become dangerous?

Men with severe cardiovascular disease or liver dysfunction should not take this medicine. People with hereditary retinal diseases and low blood pressure are also advised not to take it. For adolescents under the age of 18 and men who are prone to prolonged erections, the drug is also not suitable.

A brief idea about erectile dysfunction

The men who face the problems and solve them always get a higher rank in the world. The problems could be of any type. Some people have to face problem regarding their office or job work. To work in the pressure situation can also cause different problems for the people. These problems are not permanent and can be solved by simple dedication in the work. Some problems are relevant to the medical field. You may get the idea that these problems will definitely related to the different diseases. In this article we shall discuss about a well known medical problem that is erectile dysfunction and its solution.

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